Alf Lail o Lail Attar (الف لیلتہ و لیللتہ) by Surrati in Pakistan


warm spicy

What is Alf Lail o Lail Attar?

Alf Lail o Lail is a captivating perfume that weaves a tale of Arabian nights, blending oriental richness with modern sensibilities. This fragrance is a harmonious fusion of traditional Middle Eastern notes and contemporary elements, creating a scent that is both classic and distinctive.

Alf Lail o Lail Attar Include:

The type of fragrance Alf Lail o Lail embodies can be described as oriental and floral. It opens with a burst of vibrant floral notes, including jasmine and rose, that instantly enchant the senses. As the fragrance evolves, it reveals deeper, more complex layers of oud wood, amber, and musk, adding a luxurious and exotic touch. The combination of floral sweetness and warm oriental accords makes Alf Lail o Lail a truly mesmerizing scent experience.

Alf Lail o Lail Attar Lasting n Projection

In terms of lasting power and projection, Alf Lail o Lail is known for its excellent longevity and moderate sillage. It has a lingering presence that lasts throughout the day, making it perfect for special occasions or everyday wear when you want to leave a lasting impression.


100ml, 12ml, 6ml


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