Bakhoor Gold Oud By Surrati


What is Bakhoor Gold Oud By Surrati:

Bakhoor Gold Oud by Surrati is an exquisite blend of aromatic ingredients designed to elevate any space with its luxurious fragrance. This bakhoor combines the rich, deep scent of oud with opulent notes of gold, creating a sophisticated and elegant aroma. Known for its high-quality composition, Bakhoor Gold Oud offers a long-lasting and potent scent, ideal for enhancing the ambiance during special occasions or for everyday indulgence.

Bakhoor Gold Oud Includes:

Bakhoor Gold Oud by Surrati includes a luxurious blend of high-quality ingredients crafted to create an opulent and enduring fragrance. Key components typically include:

  1. Agarwood (Oud): The central element, providing a rich, deep, and woody aroma.
  2. Gold Infusion: Adds a touch of luxury and uniqueness to the fragrance profile.
  3. Floral Essences: Delicate floral notes that offer a refreshing and harmonious balance.
  4. Spices: Warm and inviting spices that enhance the complexity and depth of the scent.

Bakhoor Gold Oud Projection n Lasting:

Bakhoor Gold Oud by Surrati is celebrated for its impressive projection and lasting power. Once ignited, it releases a potent and luxurious fragrance that permeates the room effectively. The projection is strong, ensuring that the rich and opulent scent reaches all corners of the space, creating an inviting and pervasive ambiance.


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