Dahn al Oud Cambodi Qadeem 6ml Wooden Gift Pack in Pakistan



what is dahn ul oud Cambodia and its fragrance like?

Dahn ul Oud Cambodia, also known as Dehn al Oud Cambodi, is a precious and rare agarwood oil originating from Cambodia. It’s prized for its unique and complex fragrance profile, making it a sought-after ingredient in perfumes and attars.

Main notes:

Oud: The dominant note, offering a rich, woody aroma with hints of smoke, leather, and animalic warmth. Cambodian oud is known for its smooth and creamy character compared to other oud varieties.
Woody: Additional woody nuances like sandalwood, cedarwood, and patchouli create depth and complexity.
Musky: A subtle musky undertone adds a touch of sensuality and depth.
Herbal: Some descriptions mention subtle herbal notes, like vetiver or rosemary, adding a refreshing touch.
Floral: In some cases, you might detect a hint of floral sweetness, like rose or jasmine, but they’re subtle and not overpowering.


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