Habshoosh (حبشوش) by Surrati in Pakistan


What is Habshoosh Attar?

Habshoosh is a delicate floral perfume brightened with a crisp, citrusy accord and resting upon an earthy foundation. Base notes of oak moss, musk and patchouli ground this fragrance and provide a strong earthy accord for it to build upon.

Habshoosh Attar includes :

HABSHOOSH by Swiss Arabian is a Oriental Fougere fragrance for women and men. The fragrance features jasmine, lotus, cinnamon, gardenia, grass, woody notes, masala chai, herbal notes and rose.

Technically attars are distillates of flowers, herbs, spices and other natural materials such as baked soil over sandalwood oil/liquid paraffins using hydrodistillation technique involving a still (deg) and receiving vessel (bhapka). These techniques are still in use at Kannauj in India.

Habshoosh Lasting n Projection:

In terms of lasting power and projection, Habshoosh is known for its excellent longevity and moderate sillage. It has a lingering presence that lasts throughout the day, making it perfect for special occasions or everyday wear when you want to leave a lasting impression.




100ml, 12ml, 6ml


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