Pure Motia موتیا Super Attar by Aligarh in Pakistan


What is Motia Super Attar?

Motia Attar, also known as Jasmine Attar, is a fragrant oil derived from the blossoms of the jasmine flower. Attar is a traditional perfume that has been used in India and other parts of the world for centuries. The extraction process typically involves soaking jasmine flowers in a base oil, such as sandalwood oil, and allowing the scent of the flowers to infuse into the oil. This results in a highly concentrated and aromatic oil with the natural fragrance of jasmine.

Jasmine is renowned for its sweet, floral, and exotic scent, making Motia Attar a popular choice for perfumes, aromatherapy, and traditional medicine. It is used in the manufacturing of various perfumes, skincare products, and other scented items. The aroma of Motia Attar is often associated with romance and sensuality, and it is known for its calming and mood-enhancing properties in aromatherapy.


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